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Renee Willis, Multi-Disciplinary Life Coach

Renée brings a holistic 360º view to every coaching client

Renée is passionate about finding the energizing sweet spot where joy intersects with
transformation. With Red, it’s all about the smile.

Renée Willis is a very challenging lady to describe in a conventional corporate biography.
We’ll try anyway.

Credentialled. Crazy. Professional. Crazy. Highly qualified. Crazy. Passionate about
helping people transform their lives and their bodies. Crazy. By the way, did I mention

Perhaps, at the outset, we should put crazy into context. With Renée, crazy can be parsed
as creative, complex, passionate, electric, energetic, raw, naked, exposed, unplugged. All
infused into a soul for service, a heart for helping, and an intellect focused on bringing
sophisticated skills and talents to a transformed you.

Let’s start with her name: Renée. Yet, she prefers to be called RED. It’s her hair colour of
choice. But it’s more than that; it’s at the core of who she is. She puts it this way: “Red’s the
colour of fire, and as my clients know, I’m on fire for life. In fact, my tagline is RED:
Rockin’ Every Dream. But it’s more than a branding statement. It’s at the soul of who I am.
I’m high energy. I’m in your face, but in a good way, about what you can accomplish, and
about how to live a life of red, full-bodied, unbridled passion. It’s truly not a choice for me
to be a coach. My heart has been DNA-stitched to help others navigate a life of joy.
Essentially, that is why my heart beats, why my blood pulses, and why I breathe.”
There’s no doubt that, as a coach, Renée will challenge you beyond a life of same-old,
same-old. “It truly is my heart’s quest to seek-and-destroy the word “fine.” Fine is a ‘giveup’
word. ‘I’m fine’ equals ‘I give up on growth.’ I help people understand why ‘fine’
happened, how to root it out, and how to plant a vision with great goals that activates and
unleashes their inner awesomeness – immediately!” Like we said, with Renée there no
place to hide, but it’s always a great ride.

What else do you get when working with Renée? Charm. Chemistry. Spark.
And professional credentials. Achieving her B.A at Memorial University in St. John’s.
Newfoundland, Renée gained her Masters of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) in the U.S.A.
As a qualified teacher, her specialty is child and adolescent development. As an
International Life Design Coach, Renée is aligned with the International Coaching
Federation and the Coaching Alliance Association. As a Body Transformation Coach,
Renée is a Poliquin Certified Bio-Signature Practitioner and a Certified Personal Trainer.
She brings her talents to the world through her private practice, 360º Elite, and through
Bayridge Coaching, a multi-disciplinary coaching practice. Renée is a widely
recommended keynote speaker and writer in educational, association and media

“In coaching, my combined backgrounds in Education and Human Performance along
with the infusion of body, mind and spirit make the practice unique and powerfully
effective for the client striving to achieve their own unique version of ‘elite’. Clients come
to me around various issues. My coaching modality examines the client’s entire life; a life
where they will achieve ‘things – for example, their professional identity, great
essential relationships, or an amazing healthy body – but where the coaching extends
beyond that one thing to other inputs. I ensure that each goal is fine-tuned precisely for
each client, and each goal is structured in a way that the client is achieving every day,
generating an amazing feeling of thriving, contagious joy! That’s another differentiator for
me: to achieve any goal it is critical to have the right-rooted motivation that ensures a
smile as an essential compass point! Life is amazing, and in coaching my clients, I am
passionate about helping each one to achieve a personal outcome that looks, feels and
unleashes ‘their own amazing!’”

We couldn’t discuss Renée without covering her Body Transformation coaching, as it
brings us to yet another side of Red. Always seeking new challenges, Renée became a
National Level Figure bodybuilding competitor. Why? “I wanted to capture different types
of looks that someone can create with an amazingly resilient body! I also wanted to be able
to deliver an enhanced coaching experience to my clients. Through my personal
transformation, and through my certifications, I have learned so much about how the body
talks when we cannot, and how hormones respond as our stress levels get out of balance.
We push. We neglect. And the evidence shows up with our organs and our skin folds. I’ve
learned a lot about this topic first hand, and today it is this same hand that reaches out to
my clients, to help them navigate a path toward their best bodies – bodies that thrive
within a life without borders.”

Renée’s coaching focuses on Life Design, Self Esteem, Confidence, Balance, Professional
Development, Fulfillment, Relationships, Motivation, Stress Management, Goal Setting,
Mastering Strongholds, and Body/Life Transformations.

But those are simply the categories, not the true description of the value she brings to her
coaching clients.

“I am all about today, living fully in the now, as now is a gift – one that we are able to open
immediately. I know life. And, sure, there’s a big, convoluted back-story to me, just as
there is with every one of my clients. It’s how I came to create the whole 360º thing. I know
how it feels to feel displaced both in one’s body and in one’s living conditions. I know the
feeling of being alone in one’s life. I know the feeling of having a deep burn within that is
screaming to be unleashed, yet the frustration of not knowing how to identify it, or
articulate it. I know the feeling of losing myself. I know the very painful feelings of looking
around my life and questioning, “Is this it?” – and yet feeling extremely guilty for having
those thoughts. I know the pain that dents both our formative and adult years, and the
pain of being invisible, of having my voice and power taken away, my confidence stricken,
my spark put out, my emotions numbed.

“My tool belt is loaded with many “I knows” that, today, feed my ability to help others.
Because there are other “I knows.” I know how to create movement, from ground zero. I
know how to seek and destroy ‘fine’, to help people move through it. I know how to help
people discover who they are. I know how to help them create a day-to-day play to ignite a
fire in their lives. How do I know? Through first hand doing! It is my fundamental belief
that the best example is to be an example, and I have an amazing work-in-progress life,
where I help others thrive. Here, we bleed together. And we get ’er done together. And we
smile and laugh a whole lot together, as the goal is always about joy, and a smile, in both
profession and in play.”

Whether a client calls her Renée or Red, some very accomplished people have things to say
about her.

“Both incredibly passionate and real, Renée is someone that empowers you the moment her
eyes catch yours. You can feel positivity radiating from her before she even speaks to you. I’ve
witnessed Renée in action with her clients and friends, and she brings an outstanding sense of
confidence and motivation. I’ve adopted many of the strategies she’s taught me, without her
even knowing she was teaching – she just lives and breaths the lifestyle. I highly recommend
Renée to anyone seeking a healthier more positive lifestyle.”
Adam Lloyd

You use the example of your own life to inspire others to raise above mediocrity. The average
person, which by definition is most of us, seems to be looking for someone to believe in them
and show them their potential how they could live on a higher plain of living. Your spirit is
enriched with optimism, joy, and charisma. Taking a moment to enter your world is like
walking out from under a cloud of rain and drizzle into a clear, blue, sunny sky of warmth and
clean air. People are bombarded with doom and gloom and all the reasons not to excel and live
a life of abundance and joy. You stand out and provide another template. In a world oozing
with hatred, when someone like you stands up and shouts a cheer above all those saying
negatives, it is embraced like fresh air to a suffocating soul. You give hope, and your walk
matches the beat of your talk. Keep giving hope. Keep being a cheerleader. Keep showing a
template of a full life. Keep showing others that they do not have to settle for mediocrity. Keep
being real. Keep being a world-class encourager. Keep on caring. There are so few of you left, it
seems, that people are craving for your words of inspiration and positive belief in them. I love
who you are and I love your message. How could I not?”
Bill Nippard, author of The Teamwork Ladder

“If you are looking for a Carpe Diem person. If you are looking for someone who delivers more
than they promise. If you are looking for someone who starts each relationship with “an
attitude of gratitude”. If you are looking, really looking, for extraordinary. If you are looking
for someone with an uplifting spirit, a big heart, and a million dollar smile. Then contact
Renée Willis! On a scale of 1 to 10, Renée is an 11!”
Jim Thompson, Asst. Professor, Medaille College

“Undeniably passionate, Renée will always impact those around her and move them to be more
and more of their true and wonderful selves. Thanks Renée!”
Frances Manias, client

“CAUTION! This Red Head might just help you change you life and start living your dreams!”
Tracy Jefferies, Distance coaching client

“You so need to meet Red in person. Make it happen. Her body language, and sparkly eyes, are
just something you can’t capture over the phone or in a picture! It’s a must. She is fabulous.
She makes even my serious face full of smiles!”
Julia Johnson, client

“Our session was awesome! I was so giddy and happy I could not quit singing and dancing. It
was freedom to open up about my dark past. Secrets must keep a person bound up and the
enemy really uses it. I am feeling so good about my future! You are right on what I need! Gosh
I love you! I Appreciate you so much! I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”
Tracy, client

As we said at the start, defining the 360º of Renée – excuse me, Red – is, indeed, a
challenge. Crazy? To some, probably. Impressive? To everyone who works with her,
absolutely. Probably best to let Renée sum up: “A song describes it best for me. It’s called
Learning to Fly by Kate Earl. A section of the lyrics says: “When you lose your way,
when you can’t escape, when you feel just like a prisoner of all the world says you will
never be. That’s when you can’t give up, gotta hold on tighter now then ever. Answers will
find you when you believe.” That ethos infuses my coaching. It is my greatest honour, and
my greatest privilege, to do what I do; the Redhead who gets to help light fires in souls,
fires that are felt in their hearts, that radiate from their eyes, and become an extension of
all they do – to help people become very much alive